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You have a trading system setup. You have either Investor/RT or MarketDelta. (Coming Soon: NinjaTrader) You have a data feed that has tick capability. You can access 100 days of historical data. LET’S GO. We need to know who you are. Just an email that we will never share with anyone. No credit card needed to get started. THIS IS A FREE 30 Day TRIAL OF OUR AMAZING HUNTERS PACKAGE where you get it ALL, plus a lifetime free membership. Here you’ll find the Sheriff, his faithful bloodhound ‘Dog’, Deputy Mean, Deputy Major and the entire Posse plus all the Royals, the HEAT MAP, the FOUR HORSEMEN and much more. CLICK HERE

  • Introduction
  • Posse Package Intro
  • Convict
  • Sheriff
  • Dog
  • Posse Complete
  • Royal Package Intro
  • 3 Kings
  • Cops & Kings
  • Cycle Indicator
  • Hunters Package Intro
  • Commissioner & Convict Bands
  • HeatMap & DefMax
  • Ammo Alerts
  • Four Horsemen
  • DefMax 3 Ways
  • Last Slide

Are PivotHunter Indicators for you? What type of trader are you? We support Investor/RT or Market Delta charting platforms.Why? Our indicators must have very low level, tick by tick, information. Coming soon NinjaTrader.